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we are
Another Plant Swap

We are here to bring the houseplant community together and enjoy plants in a sustainable & eco-friendly way.

our story

The idea for Another Plant Swap started during lockdown when the houseplant community was growing bigger than ever before. Plant-stagram was great for bringing us all together over our shared hobby. However, even though many of us lived in the same city, we couldn't meet in person. So as soon as restrictions lifted, we put our heads together to create an event that allowed like-minded, plant enthusiasts to meet for a day of planty fun. We also felt strongly about the amount of waste that was coming out of the plant community and disliked the rising plant costs, so a swap seemed like the perfect option because it allows people to give healthy, unwanted plants to a better home in return for a new plant. And thus,

Another Plant Swap was born!

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